Children´s aid project in the Ukraine
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Dear friends and donors,

in the war of aggression in the Ukraine, which has now been going on since February 2022, much has been destroyed and children are particularly suffering under the terrible circumstances. 


They are awakened by the wailing of nightly warning sirens and have to cope with the shock of bombs and the fear of survival. They experience destruction and death first hand. A carefree childhood and growing up is taken away from the children. 


In keeping with the Schafhof tradition, we would like to help children again this year and will support the reconstruction of a comprehensive school with 1,500 children in Butscha in the Kiev region.


Help us with this!




Comprehensive school Butscha Lyzeum No. 3 

The old school building was completely destroyed during the occupation. The roof was destroyed, all windows and walls were damaged, the classrooms were looted, computers and teaching materials were destroyed by the occupiers.


In the last school year, Butscha succeeded in repairing a new building and creating new accommodation for the school children.


However, the old building, which is urgently needed for teaching the children, still needs a lot of renovation after the war damage.


With your help, we will support the restoration of the old school building so that the pupils will once again have a good infrastructure and learning environment.

There are 99 employees at the Butscha Lyzeum No. 3 to take care of  1,500 pupils in 59 classes.  


The uniqueness of the school lies in its inclusive education, where children with special needs learn together with regular pupils. Thus, children with special needs receive the same right to education as their healthy peers. 


Sport is also very important at the Butcha Lyzeum No. 3, and the all-Ukrainian project "Olympic Education at School" started on September 1, 2016.  For the past 10 years, an inter-school torch relay has been held at the end of April as part of the world run "Running for Harmony and Peace".

Pictures of destruction

Pictures of the reconstruction that has begun

One of the school's urgent needs is the renovation of the assembly hall, which would be so much appreciated so that the pupils can organise festive meetings and concerts there again.


In addition, an important shelter and recreation room is to be set up in this building in place of the old cellar. This would allow more pupils to attend school again and their attendance would be safe even during air raids.



With the help of our many supporters at the Schafhof summer tournaments, we have already been able to make an initial contribution to the reconstruction of Butscha Lyceum No. 3. But there is still a lot to do and further support for the well-being of the Ukrainian pupils is urgently needed.


Help to support the reconstruction of the Butscha Lyzeum No. 3 with your donation!


On behalf of the children: Thank you very much for your help!

With kind regards